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註 Chien Ying Hsiang (Jianying Xiang, 锏银巷[鐧銀巷])

 40. Chien Ying Hsiang (Jianying Xiang, 锏银巷[鐧銀巷]) is a small streat in the southwestern part of Nanjing. Situated on the street was the Bible Teachers’ Training School (BTTS) for Woman (金陵女子神学院), wiich was established in September 1912 as an independent institution, though it was affiliated with Nanking Theological Seminary and and University of Nanking. Sponsored by American Presbytarian Church, South, American Presbytarian Church, North, Disciples of Christ, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and Methodist Episcopal Church, the school had its campus next to Nanking Theological Seminary. From 1931 to 1937, Yumin Jia (贾玉铭[賈玉銘], 1880-1964) was its president. In 1951, along with 10 other seminaries in East China, the shool merged into Nanking Theological Seminary. Its campus housed the new Nanking Theological Seminary, while the latter’s campus at Hanzhong Road (汉中路[漢中路]) was occupied by Nanking Medical College.